Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some More Poetry

Verse for a Lost Guide
No matter how many times
a shepard hits his sheep
they will not know where
to go without his direction.

Daylight Comes
The monster is in pain,
clarity comes down like rain.
Its ghastly smile has become a frown,
the corners of it's maw go down.
As its anger grows,
it lashes out in deadly rows.
It blocks my sight
and fills with fright,
but still I know that there is light.
The sun has risen and darkness falls,
the evil is now blocked by walls
of light that calls
for the monster it tortures which finally stalls.
The monster now sleeps,
while others who dwarf it begin their craws and creeps.
Shadow now hide behind the bright,
but for now we are spared from their awful blight.

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