Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 1- The First of Many Poems- Part 1

For my first post I will be uploading the poems I wrote on note paper in a typed format, this is not original material however and will not get me credit so for Part 2 I will be uploading new material. Since this is part 1, first here are the poems.

The Monster

The monster lives inside my mind,
Its claws do scratch, its teeth
do grind.

The monster whispers to my
brain, to cause me true
and utter pain.

I try so hard to disobey,
but the monster always seems
to have its way.

To others it does not wish harm,
I clarify to not alarm.

But if i gets inside your head,
the very soul it will shred.

Losing Yourself

You cry yourself to sleep,
your soul is not your own
to keep.

You are mourned yet still alive,
your mind decays,
your sorrow thrives.

I once knew you ,
now no more,
Who is that behind the door?

You bare your soul, 
admit you lied,
you act as if you have died

You are not a ghost trapped
by the past, your earthly form
is here to last.

Although your yarn is near its
end. It doe not mean
life is not your friend.

But this disease, this illness,
ends your reason, to your body
your mind commits treason.

I thought I knew you,
It is no more.
Is that still you behind the door?

Remembering a Funeral

I remember sitting in a chair,
the plane's window shows
the open air

I remember riding in a car,
a place of death not
very far.

I remember lying in a bed,
the next few days I truly dread.

I remember drinking with good
friends, the mourning for a short time ends

I remember the night coming to an end,
a sinful haze now fills my head

I remember waking in such pain
my growing guilt is now my bane.

I remember sitting in a chair,
the planes' window shows
the open air.

Few Words from a Traumatized Man

Cuts so deep
my skin can't keep
my soul to seep
from wounds that reap.
Now I can't sleep
because every creep
and crawl is you, which is why I weep.


  1. Lukie! The monster is incredible, witnessed you writing it. Powerful stuff man, keep it up!